There are two types of guest rooms.

Chartered dome house.

Guest house with private bathroom and shared toilet.

Please choose the guest room type according to the number of people or your preference.


Access map

Seirukyo is located in the middle of Nishinomote Port and Tanegashima Airport.

It takes about 13 minutes by car to the south from Nishinomote Port.

It's also about a 13-minute drive north from the airport.


Please use a rental car to get around the island.

Minshuku Seiryukyo

Telephone 0997-23-0268

Address 891-3101

12884-1 Nishinoomote, Nishinoomote-shi, Kagoshima


TEL: 0997-23-0268


12884-1 Nishinoomote, Nishinoomote, Kagoshima Prefecture



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